Janet Tyler, Ph.D., CBIST
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Janet Siantz Tyler, Ph.D., CBIST
Brain Injury Educational Consultant/Trainer



Dr. Janet Tyler is a nationally recognized presenter on traumatic brain injury in the schools. Her presentations not only included relevant factual, research-based information, but she also personalized her presentations to our state (Pennsylvania). Janet is highly experienced in working with students who have sustained TBIs of all severities and has presented nationally for more than 20 years. She utilizes engaging, dynamic student case studies for group work that left our TBI consultants feeling completely involved in the various roles of the educational decision making process.


Brenda Eagan Brown, MEd., CBIS
BrainSTEPS, Brain Injury School Re-Entry Program Coordinator
Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania

Dr. Janet Tyler provides mentorship and training yearly to the Blue Valley School District TBI mini-team.  The training and workshops provided by Dr. Tyler have had a tremendous impact on students with traumatic and acquired brain trauma in our district.  Our miniteam members trained in understanding family and educational dynamics have been able to facilitate the transition of students back into the mainstream with support and understanding thanks to Dr. Tyler’s training.  She helps the miniteam teach staff members, family and other students how best to accommodate the student with the TBI.   Dr. Tyler’s knowledge and willingness to help our district build the capacity to support students with brain injury has been invaluable.

Donna Missimer, RN, BSN, MEd
Blue Valley School District
Overland Park, Kansas


Dr. Janet Tyler has a special combination of clinical knowledge and classroom experience with students who have acquired brain injuries. As a result, her training and consultation services provide practical strategies for educators, guidance on developing comprehensive educational programs, and skilled problem solving with educational teams. Educators, therapists, and parents have all found her to be a valuable asset to identify, assess and educate students with brain injuries. She can make a real difference in the local school, the classroom and the family.

Marilyn Lash, MSW, President
Lash and Associates Publishing/Training, Inc.


Our school district has always tried to provide an appropriate education for my cognitively impaired daughter, but over time I felt the staff wasn’t truly grasping the complexity of her situation. When Dr. Janet Tyler conducted an evaluation of our daughter’s intellectual abilities and brain function, and educated the staff about the results, I felt as if a light bulb had gone off over everyone’s heads. They understood exactly what they needed to do. Dr. Tyler didn’t just do a test and share results; she interpreted the meaning and gave concrete plans and strategies that could be put to immediate use in the classroom to help my daughter achieve more. It has been a huge relief to finally have someone who really understands my daughter’s situation.

Jennifer Lawler


I have known and worked with Dr. Tyler for over 25 years. She is one of the most recognized experts in the clinical needs of children/adolescents with acquired brain injuries. She developed an exemplary statewide program to train educators and related service personnel to work with this population.  She has worked with hundreds and hundreds of children with acquired brain injuries and their families and has trained professionals throughout the country.

Ronald C. Savage, Ed.D.
President, Sarah Jane Brain Foundation (SJBF)
Chairman, International Pediatric Brain Injury Society (IPBIS)
Board of Governors, International Brain Injury Association (IBIA)



   Support for Students with Brain Injury Through Consultation and Professional Development Training