Janet Tyler, Ph.D., CBIST
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Janet Siantz Tyler, Ph.D., CBIST
Brain Injury Educational Consultant/Trainer



Dr. Janet Tyler

Brain Injury Educational Consultant and Trainer


  Are you a parent of a child or adolescent with traumatic brain injury (TBI) that is struggling in school?


  Are you a special education teacher who would like support in developing cognitive and behavioral strategies for students with TBI in your classroom?  


Are you a school administrator that wants your educators to know more about brain injury so they can better serve the students in your school district?


Are you a school nurse, athletic trainer, coach, educator, or parent who wants training in the identification, management, and treatment of concussions?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, Dr. Janet Tyler can help!



Dr. Janet Tyler assists students with traumatic and acquired brain injuries through the provision of consulting and training services to professionals and parents. Her mission is to help others understand the unique characteristics students with brain injuries present, while offering information and guidance to help identify suitable accommodations and plan effective educational programs for those students.  She believes through consultation and training, appropriate services can be provided for students with brain injury, thus maximizing their recovery and increasing success in school and at home.



Brain Injury 

As a result of traumatic (open or closed brain injuries) and acquired brain injury (near-drownings, strokes, brain tumors, brain infections, etc.), children and adolescents may experience a wide range of physical, cognitive and psychosocial problems.  These problems may include: reduced stamina, seizures, motor difficulties, headaches, hearing losses, vision problems, memory deficits, reduced intellectual functioning, organizational impairments, attention and concentration difficulties, language impairments, executive functioning difficulties, reduced academic functioning, impulsivity, irritability, poor frustration tolerance, socially inappropriate behaviors, and depression.


Some problems may be temporary; others may last months or even years. These problems will affect the child's daily functioning and can have a major impact on learning.


While children who have moderate-to-severe injuries tend to have the most pronounced challenges, studies have shown that even a mild brain injury/concussion can create significant learning and behavioral problems for some children.



   Supporting Students with Brain Injury through Consultation and Professional Development Training